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Hello! My name is Priyanka, and I am the founder of Tawnydove, a fashion company that I established in 2022 following a difficult relationship. The desire to start my own business fueled my ambition, and I engaged in introspection to identify my next move. I yearned to lead a life on my terms, which entailed doing work I was passionate about, spending time with my two lovely children, traveling, giving back to causes that mattered to me, and pursuing other interests.

Sustainable fashion has often been associated with unexciting designs, lacking in style. I was motivated to create fashionable designs using organic materials that reduced carbon footprint while maintaining style. I also realized that sustainable fashion should not be restricted to one-size-fits-all apparel and decided to design clothing for women who value comfort and style.

Linen is a lightweight fabric that is perfect for creating airy and comfortable outfits.

They are breathable and give off a natural elegance. This fabric is used to create a range of styles from classic tailored pieces to relaxed boho-chic ensembles. Linen is so versatile for summertime looks in maxi dresses, for casual days spent outdoors, also for office-ready outfits paired with trousers and a crisp white shirt. Linen fabrics also make for great layering pieces which is why I design outfits in them. Truly a timeless luxury on your skin !

I believe that sustainability is crucial. I have always been passionate about protecting our environment, and this passion has been the driving force behind my efforts to raise awareness of sustainable fashion.The tagline “Luxury in Simplicity,” epitomizes my vision of creating timeless and graceful outfits. All designs are handcrafted with top-quality materials to ensure utmost satisfaction to my clients.

I am thrilled to have you accompany me on this journey of creating a more conscious and responsible environment.


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